Style Me Classic

Style Me Classic


This year’s ‘Hootenanny’ was going to be another year in which I was not going to be able to attend. I had one earache that was starting to become two earaches and I wasn’t too sure if my ear drums could take the loud crowd and music. However, when bands such as Old 97s, Social Distortion, Nashville Pu$%*, Murder by Death, and many more greats are performing- you know I had to tough it out.

The day was hot so I decided to rock a black halter romper with a navy blue bandana and red lipstick to give my dark look some color. The lustrous pin up model "Tamera Von Tart" joined me with what was going to be an all day event at Oak Canyon Ranch. We arrived to the press tent and checked in with a friendly gal (didn’t get her name) for my credentials (thank you Austin). Once we got past security we walked in to a world of pin ups and rockers.

Tamera had to check in at the ‘Steady Clothing’ tent and so we decided to walk down vendors’ lane. From a distance I noticed some beautiful jewelry created by “Robbin of Deadly Accessories” and a few original summery dresses created by owner, “Ms. Kim of Vintage Gal”. She’s a shy one, Ms. Kim, but I convinced her enough to take a picture. Tamera recently did a photo shoot with ‘Serpentine Clothing’ and the creators of the clothing line were a bit tough to get pictures with, but alcohol always does the trick in easing people into comfort.

We reached the ‘Steady Clothing’ tent and I ran into the handsome dapper man, Doug, whom I got the pleasure in meeting at the ‘Ink N Iron’ festival earlier this year. He was kind enough to take some crowd shots while the ‘Old 97s’ played- my close ups of the band were one of the many highlights of that afternoon. Tamera made a few introductions with adorable pin up model “Cherry Doll Face” who is as sweet as cherry pie.  After hanging out with the 'Steady Clothing' crew, Tamera and I decided to visit with the ‘Steady Clothing’ pin up models that are not only HOT, but also complete dolls!

After many pictures of the ladies it was time for me to check out the classic cars. As I was walking towards the lot, I overheard the very sexy, Mike Ness of 'Social Distortion' playing over the speakers. I wasn’t too sure if it was him on stage or just some intermittent music playing, but all I knew is that I had to run across the field just to make sure. As I approached the stage “Social D” was starting to play, “Story of My Life” which had everyone singing along. I was hoping Mike Ness would cover "It's Alright" just for good times, but I wasn't so lucky. Social Distortion has those good feel tracks such as, "Ball and Chain" that allows for anyone to relate; so their list of songs was enough to make me enjoy their performance.

In the end, I was able to get a few cars. I met some cool owners such as, Mario Esquivel with his black beauty the 1950 Mercury, the "Cadillac Gansta" Jay, the sweet Erica Landmann with her '64 Falcon Futura, and the man behind this classic '49 Chevy Deluxe, Shawn Dempsey.

Overall 'The Hootenanny' had a friendly crowd, but like most festivals you have your few rambunctious people that can't hold their alcohol and although several fights broke out and one woman claiming her purse was stolen out of her hands in the crowd, the festival was everything I expected- a great band line up, some artistic vendors and some great people to meet. 'The Hootenanny' is definitely a festival I will be attending next year.


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